Support your friends, Listen to their ideas...And I will stop you right there !!

Yarra was a lovely lady who was born with a heart of gold. She believed in being kind and helpful to not only her family and friends but to everyone who needed her help. Everyone knew her as their go-to person.

Feeling like your life’s falling apart? Go to Yarra. Feeling like you need a soft loan? Yarra was always there. Want to tie your shoelaces? Yarra was ALWAYS there. Want to get something that’s stuck in your teeth (and I now realize that I am kinda reaching but its fine because I want you to get my point) Yarra was ALWAYS there to see you through it.


Things went sideways and Yarra needed help! Damn!! she was going through it! She tried reaching out to her people! Her tribe.Her clan. The people she thought were going to ride for her and.. Nothing! Just silence (and then some)…days and nights of ignored messages, calls that nobody picked up. The people she helped did not have time for her and it took her a while to understand how the world works.

(Poor Yarra, aaanyway!).

My point?

I have met people who are like this. They will break their back for you. What they don’t realize is human beings are selfish and reciprocity is a stretch. Some might return the favor, some just don’t. That’s life!


Support your friends knowing in the back of your mind that they will not support a single thing you do. Some will not even slow clap in appreciation (yeah I know! Sis, it’s the truth)


Some will support you at their convenience — they will support because they know they have a project that they need done and you are the only one who can help.

How about you don’t support your friends, support those people whose cause you are down with and those who have good things worth supporting.

My reason?

There’s something about supporting friends that’s just a scam. You will get (for lack of a better word) a lot of sh*t from your friends and it’s okay. You might want to consider explaining why you need them to understand why you’re not supporting them in what they do but then again you don’t need to tell them a thing.

I have seen the above quote shared in my socials (social media) so many times, too many times actually. Most of the times, it is shared by the most useless of mongooses posing as friends because they want to tell you to support their buffoonery.

I will side eye a friend when they tell me, “You never support me and what I do.” I will laugh it off and keep it moving or change the topic. Why? because I don’t want to bring up the, “How many times have you supported your friends? HOW👏🏿MANY👏🏿TIMES👏🏿HUH!!! (Okay and not I realize I am literally yelling!!)

So in the famous words of Cleo Sol “..I see you work real hard, You wanna help your friends, But trust me, baby, You don’t owe them, Don’t take on peoples problems.”

TRANSLATION: Just live your life, work hard, focus on yourself.

Parting Shot!

While I am championing for selfishness, I am not saying that you should not support ALL your friends. Support those who you see reciprocating that shit. Because once the support is one-sided then you are at a loss (think about all the money you spend buying that which they are selling but you won’t use!!)

Support those that are for you and those that are with you..

Think about it!!