Stuck with Strong Personalities?

You have met one!

You love or are in love with one!

You are friends with one!

You might be one!

People with strong personalities are always around us. My definition (and I could be wrong, but it’s my piece, I am right)of a person with a strong personality is:

They are very opinionated (VEEEERY opinionated), they take their stand, are never afraid to say “no”, they set clear boundaries and at times come off as domineering (this is an asshole’s staple and that’s what sets an asshole and a strong personality apart).

I like to think of myself as that person who doesn’t have a strong personality, and because opposites attract, I tend to have most of these people in my life. I guess life has a way of just finding a balance in things. Having interacted with these people, I have loved and hated it. Let me break it down for you. Let’s start with five things I hate about being soft-spoken with strong personalities around:

I hate the fact that:

  1. Your opinion at times doesn’t matter: once these people have their minds made up, you have no chance at changing that.
  2. They can come out as a little intrusive. Most of the solutions they give are a projection of their own isht.
  3. They hurt your feelings because they say what they think and never realize when they’ve struck a nerve.
  4. Some are terrible listeners. This is annoying!
  5. You will never find your voice in a group of people with strong opinions.

(Bonus) As a person with a not so strong personality, you will find yourself seldom talking about what’s happening in your life because they are too judgemental.

I love them because:

  1. They are fighters. They are always ready to “speak up for you.”
  2. They are 100% committed to the love they have for you.
  3. They are always honest and give their honest opinions. I mean we all need someone who will call you out on your bullsh*t.
  4. They always find ways to push you to be better.
  5. They always block nonsense from coming their way. I mean you have to come correct or just NOT!

Do I find them exhausting? VERY, but I love them (those that are closest to my heart) with every fibre of my being. You tend to pick a few things from them and its a plus for people like me, and I think that’s what’s happening.



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